Monday, 7 February 2011


So, last weekend some friends and I went to visit the London superclub known as fabric and I think I'm better off for it. For those who dont know, fabric is a 1800 capacity nightclub in the north of London on Charterhouse street.

Some top-notch laser action, taken from my Blackberry.

I was very keen to go here, having heard many great things about it, plus its legendary status among London clubs. After a very short time queueing we proceeded to Room 1 and were subsequently (no pun intended) met by the full force of whats know as bodysonic. Basically, (sorry, turns out this is a minefield of puns) bodysonic consists of 400 sub bass speakers that are attached underneath the floor of the nightclub, making the entire club into one big sub. When you're in there and stand still, you can actually feel the floor warp and flex by a few inches to the music, although standing still wont be something you feel like doing very much down there. After a long night touring the various rooms and getting suitably smashed, we found a lovely area with some large bed-like sofas, which proved to be a godsend to many tired clubbers.

Some very wonky photography from the main room.

So after a fantastic, night we reluctantly decided to head home to my friends house in London and get some well deserved shut-eye. After the experience of fabric, I would highly recommend it to anyone in the London area who fancies an awesome night out.


Bor_Machine said...

Sounds awesome. I love night clubs. ;D

Anonymous said...

that club sounds absolutely amazing especially the sub floor.

Blu3hand said...

Looks like you had an epic night.

Also the bodysonic must've felt awesome! I wish I was there.

I'm all the way for hardstyle, hardtechno, schranz and good dnb (especially jump-up)

I would actually orgasm just because of the epic bass. I'm serious!

metalpickle said...

shaking the floor with a sub woofer is pretty intense haha

The Timely Regent said...

Awesome picture.

Neuro said...

Looks like a great club, too many nowadays are generic

Veno said...

Truly awesome. Hope I can make it there when I'm in London traveling!

rocknrollcrazy said...

Going to the UK is on my list of places i want to check out whenever i decide to travel

just looking at your pictures tells me you all have some pretty awesome clubs

John McGough said...

Looks like a class night nothing like that near me :(